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Maple Unlocker

2.98 usd

MP3 Player with Audiobooks support.Bookmarks, variable speed playback, A-B repeat, equalizer, and scrobbling.IMPORTANT! THE UNLOCKER DOES NOT HAVE A HOME SCREEN ICON AND CAN NOT BE "STARTED" - IT ONLY NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED!
Please install Maple Player (JB or Classic) application first.
This unlocker activates the following features:
* No banner ads* Tempo from 0.25x to 5.00x* Pitch from -2 to +2 octaves (-24.00 to +24.00 semitones)* Bass Booster* Reverb Presets
Key Features:
* Equalizer
* Tempo control (variable speed playback) You can change tempo from 0.25x to 5.00x with the same pitch.
* Pitch control (audio key changer) You can change pitch from -2 to +2 octaves (-24.00 to +24.00 semitones).
* Bookmarks
* Auto playback history
* Fast-forward/rewind
* A-B repeat